DIG can conduct the following tasks

Archaeological Surveying.  We utilise the latest global positioning and mapping software to provide clear mapping and predictive modelling in suburban, rural and remote settings.

Geophysical Survey (remote sensing). We use satellite and aerial imaging with various light spectrum filters to look at landform, evidence of palaeo geomorphological features.  On the ground we use magnetometry, ground penetrating radar and resistivity to rapidly investigate sites. 

Historical Research.  An understanding of past land uses is important to gain an understanding of how landscapes have been altered and therefore how archaeological sites may have developed over time.

Cultural Landscape Assessments.  Interpretation and significance analysis of archaeological sites, particularly in rural or remote settings must be considered within the landscape in which they lie.  DIG has assessed both natural and altered landscapes such as the upper Hunter Valley and Victorian Goldfields.  Assessment includes surveys of past resource yields, water sources and general historic environment markers.  Where necessary we will augment the assessment with palaeo environmental sampling (both macro and micro environmental, faunal and botanical studies).

Archaeological Mapping Studies.  We produce detailed and useful maps using latest mapping technology.  Using GIS we can layer data on known sites, predictive models, landforms, landuse history to build up a detailed understanding of the survey area.

Archaeological Test Excavation.  We design and carry out targeted test excavation programs when surface survey does not provide sufficient detail to be able to devise an appropriate management strategy.  The scope and method of testing are guided by a clearly articulated research design.

Archaeological Excavation. Complete excavation programs can be conducted were significant archaeological deposits cannot be retained in situ.  We have successfully and efficiently carried out excavation projects from small scale recovery projects to large scale research and salvage digs.  We have the logistical and project management skills as well as field excavation experience to complete any field project.